Leadership Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring Services

I’m Tony Frost of Frost Leadership Consulting, and I offer executive coaching and mentoring services for professional development and organisational change. Whatever your organisational or professional goals, I can help you to achieve them. Contact me today to discuss your ambitions and learn more about how my services can help you.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

I coach and/ or mentor clients individually, or on a team/ group basis. Moments of career progression, including promotion or transition, are a particular focus of my work. I do my absolute best to help clients set and achieve goals, to solve problems that are important and meaningful to them, and to assist them with their developmental needs and objectives.

I am happy to be engaged by individuals, an employer or  a sponsor organisation. Sessions can be undertaken face to face or online. I can design a client-specific program or package covering a number of sessions. However, I also provide one-off sessions. There is no ‘minimum spend’ type requirement.

Facilitation, Training and Keynote Presentations

I revel in opportunities to do team-based training, lead workshops/seminars and undertake team facilitation. I also give set-piece, one-off keynote speeches and presentations on a wide variety of topics. All such sessions, facilitations and presentations are tailored to the specific needs of my clients.

With my facilitation work, especially with leadership groups, I ask the ‘hard questions’. I get people talking about issues that matter, as well as helping the group to come up with insights and practical action plans.

Common Themes

Here are just some of the topics that arise regularly in my work as a coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer and keynote speaker:
  • Awesome client relationships and service
  • Business development that really works
  • Change: leadership, management and survival!
  • Coaching and mentoring in the workplace: the new black
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Decision making dos and don’ts
  • Dispute resolution (closely aligned to the preceding point!)
  • Emotional intelligence: a key 21st century meta-skill
  • Executive presence
  • Feedback: what it is, how to give it, ask for it and receive it well
  • High performing teams and truly effective collaboration
  • Joy, fun and humour at work
  • Leadership in professional service firms
  • Meaning-making: purpose, principles, values, ethics, goals and planning
  • Motivation & self-management: getting you/ others up, going and accountable
  • Personal branding
  • Principles of persuasion and influence
  • Promotions, pay rises, performance reviews and management
  • Psychological safety matters – it really, really matters
  • “Retirement”: then what?
  • Systems thinking

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